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Healthy communities begin with informed people making informed decisions. Our goal is to help people step away from consumer news — news created with the intention to sell an idea — and lean into community information.

We believe in our local journalists and highly recommend subscribing to the News Register, Newberg Graphic, Statesman Journal, and the Oregonian if you have the means.

Kellie Peterson, Founder

Born and raised on Chicago’s north side, I’m a life-long Cubs fan with a short attention span.

I’ve lived throughout the US and traveled (before pandemic times) extensively throughout the world.

For more than 20 years I’ve helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, politicians, and non-profit organizations acquire domain names and build dreams on top of them. As an idealistic pragmatist I dedicate my life to improving the web for all people through Open Source advocacy.

Sarah Hadley, Managing Editor

Sarah Hadley is a serial entrepreneur, copywriter, certified StoryBrand Guide, and messaging strategist. She also sits on the editorial board of Marais Press. Understanding the frustration of spending a ton of money on marketing, only to be beat by the other guy — she founded Salty Cat Marketing to help people captivate audiences and create loyal followers, driving them to the front of the pack. 

In her free time she can be found reading, drinking coffee, and crushing the status quo.