Sean Scorvo for House District 23

From Sean Scorvo’s Website:

My family has roots in the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon going back to the 1850’s, and while relatively new to HD23, Oregon has always been home base, even when I had to be away. But where your family comes from doesn’t really make you who you are.

Living all over the US, spending a couple years in Mexico during grade school , working in medical clinics in Guatemala, and traveling the world as a medical evacuation doctor might make one think that I bring a bit of worldwide wisdom to the problems we face here. But wisdom doesn’t come from where you hang your hat at the end of the day.

Spending years in research labs, practicing as an ER doc, and launching and managing businesses might make you believe I can recognize BS, regardless of whether it takes the form of bad statistical analysis, insurance fraud, or pie-in-the-sky financial projections. But BS detection isn’t really about the things you witness in your professional life.

Rather, I am of the belief that who you are, the wisdom you bring to the table, and your skill sets come from making mistakes…we all make them, and they make us. With each one, there is a reminder of where you come from, and who you are at your core. With each one, there is a nugget of wisdom to be extracted. With each one, you learn how to sniff out people with shady motives and the BS they bring.  With each one, there is a decision to be made; Stay true to your self and others, or to sell out.

Good or bad, I’ve made more than my share of those mistakes…If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be running to be your representative.

So if you want to research my credentials, feel free…Google is easy, and there aren’t too many Scorvos in the U.S. But know that I consider the true mark of a person to be what you won’t find online. The true mark is how they persevere, how they rise above their mistakes, and how aren’t afraid to immediately jump back into the fray after taking some body blows. And the true mark of a good representative is their willingness to take those body blows on your behalf.

Will I make mistakes in office? Of course I will! But I will never sell you out to the big money donor, tell you I care to your face and then gut your ability to make a living, or push pet projects meant to further enrich the rich and powerful…I’ve made too many mistakes to believe that that is the moral path, or the path we need our politicians to take.

District 23 includes southeastern Yamhill County including Dayton, Amity, and Willamina. See the full size District 23 map.