District 26 is directly adjacent to Yamhill County and we’re including it here due to the proximity to Newberg and the high level of mobility between the two districts.

Courtney Neron, Incumbent Representative from District 26

From Courtney Neron’s website:

As a teacher and a mother, Courtney is focused on the future. She knows firsthand the importance of a strong public education, affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and environmental stewardship. Courtney is working to create a safer, healthier Oregon full of opportunity for the next generation.

As our Representative, Courtney delivered on each of her 2018 campaign promises to voters, but she knows there is still work left to do to make our state safer, more equitable, more sustainable, and more promising for all Oregonians. She has already helped secure:

  • Unprecedented investments in pre-K through 12 and higher education
  • More mental healthcare and behavioral supports for students
  • The strongest Paid Family & Medical Leave program in the nation
  • Expanded access to high quality childcare for low income families
  • Bans on fracking and offshore drilling
  • Protections to ensure Oregon environmental standards stay strong in the face of federal rollbacks
  • Funding for the Sherwood Pedestrian Bridge
  • Funding for the Wilsonville I-5 Bridge upgrade study

And she’s not done fighting for our communities yet. Courtney’s priority first and foremost is to the people of her district – hearing from her constituents and standing up for them is central to the work she does in Salem on a daily basis. We can count on her to continue to stand up for greater opportunity and prosperity for her community.

Growing up in Tigard, Courtney’s heroes were her teachers who modeled compassion and encouraged her to stand up for what’s right. It was ultimately their inspiration in the classroom that led Courtney to pursue teaching. She taught French and Spanish at Tualatin High School and Tigard High School and loves inspiring and empowering young people.

As a teacher, Courtney saw firsthand the impact of decades of disinvestment in our schools. Courtney’s commitment to education and public service led her to step up and run for the Oregon Legislature in 2018. She believes that where there is agreement, there is a path forward that is good for Oregon. She brought together a bipartisan coalition of legislators and organizations to pass one of just three bills in the 2020 short session.

In the state Capitol, Courtney has been a champion for our schools. She helped pass the Student Success Act, bringing millions of dollars in new funding to schools in our community. As Vice-Chair of the House Education Committee, Courtney is ready to ensure that the Student Success Act is implemented well so that our students and educators have what they need to succeed. She is ready to focus on accessibility and affordability for post secondary and higher education, and to fight for quality childcare for working families. With Courtney’s comprehensive vision of education from cradle to career and her unwavering commitment to investing in education, Oregon students and families can feel confident that our schools have a brighter future.

See the detailed District 26 map to determine if you live or work in District 26.