From Bernadette Hansen’s website:

Bernadette Hansen, Senate District 12

Why am I running for office?

Success in any community rests on shared values. That’s why our rural Oregon values must underpin everything the legislature does. Imagine a community where we can count on each other, act on our most generous instincts, and protect those among us who, without that protection, would suffer. That’s the community I want to live in. And I know it’s the community you want to live in, too.

However, we are not being heard or represented effectively by our current state senator. We deserve a senator who truly listens to everyone in their district and who will stand for the issues and concerns of their constituents. We need someone who will show up for work and not run away when the going gets tough. I commit to take my stand on the Senate floor and fight for the people of District 12.

What experience would I bring to the office?

While employed by the Oregon Water Resources Department (15+ years), I had the privilege of working and living in beautiful Eastern Oregon. Stationed in Baker City and Pendleton, I worked with farmers and ranchers to develop water management plans and water right transfers. There I learned that regardless of political affiliation, social ideology or economic status, people have much more in common than not.  By listening to my clients’ concerns, in a non-judgmental and respectful way, we were able to create “win-win” solutions. I left with a genuine sense of belonging and earned the respect of those I worked with.  This is the work ethic and spirit I hope to bring as state senator: I will rely on relationships built at home and across the state to create solutions that work for the people of District 12 and all Oregonians.

How will I bring together rural and urban communities?

The politics of division and the absence of policies that help rural communities must be addressed – economic opportunity and infrastructure, access to health care, education, and making government work for all of us. Not just for the sake of our democracy, but for the sake of people’s lives and livelihoods.  My hope is to work with other legislators from rural Oregon to revitalize our communities. Together, we can increase investment in and support for economic opportunities in farming, ranching, forestry, and manufacturing. Innovation, technology, and collaboration can lead to new practices, products, and industries that could provide jobs in rural areas.  I know we can build the necessary bridges to find common ground to solve problems. This isn’t rocket science, it just requires patience and hard work. We can and must do better.

Bernadette Hansen’s platform statement regarding:

District 12 covers most of Yamhill county except for the panhandle, as well as parts of Hillsboro, Polk, Marion and Benton. See the District 12 map for more information.