Walking down 3rd Street in McMinnville on a Saturday night evokes summer memories of a time gone by when communities came together to share fun, food, and celebrations. The city closes off a good chunk of the street and allows restaurants along several blocks to roll out dining tables into the street to accommodate more diners, and allow dinners to enjoy the fresh air. (As long as the smoke keeps away.)

Even in cooler temperatures, this environment is magical. Who needs to drive to Portland or Beaverton these days, There are plenty of fabulous restaurants right outside our back door.

The occasion for our visit was our 45th wedding anniversary. Two weeks ago, my husband called me at work to ask me my preference for celebrating. He told me he found a reservation at Gregory Gourdet’s restaurant in Portland, Kann. I have been trying to get reservations there for months. I, however, had been noticing advertisements on social media from Humble Spirit in McMinnville. At our age, a 15-minute drive sounds awfully seductive, just like the menu at Humble Spirit.

Lovely lighting with a comfortable ambience.

Humble Spirit, located at 411 3rd Street in McMinnville, used to house one of my favorite restaurants that didn’t make it after the pandemic.

Focusing on local provisions and regenerative farming practices, the staff and owners have created a casual and comfortable atmosphere while pouring a lot of effort into creating a fine dining experience that is both satisfying and fun.

The menu is thoughtful, giving every diner a good selection of proteins and vegetarian offerings. Resourcing local farmers, and ranchers, they highlight the food of a local farm, tabula rasa farms.

Our meal was fabulous. The service was just right. Care and attention without being overbearing.

Even when my husband accidentally broke his glass, the staff skillfully cleaned things up without batting an eye or making him feel bad.

There are plenty of dishes to try on the dinner menu, but the brunch menu is calling to me as well.

Daily farm cut – pork chop with roasted peaches.
Summer Berry Pavlova